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NetVault Plus for Microsoft 365 Backup and Recovery

Comprehensive data protection for the cloud. Microsoft may host Microsoft 365, but that doesn’t mean they provide you with a comprehensive Microsoft 365 backup solution. Microsoft 365 data is as susceptible to user errors, accidental deletion, corruption and malware as on-premises applications and data, so you need to prepare now. Learn more.
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Protect all your Microsoft 365 data with a single solution

Exchange Online


SharePoint Online

Active Directory



Demystifying the Top 5 Myths about Microsoft 365 Backup and Recovery

Key benefits

Better protection and recovery for Microsoft 365

Address regulatory compliance requirements

Single solution for both on-premises and cloud resources

NetVault Plus Delivers

The backup you need

The backup you need

Native Microsoft 365 (formerly known as Office 365) data protection falls short of the backup requirements most IT organizations need. Versioning and replication don’t protect against accidental changes or malicious attacks. NetVault Plus provides comprehensive backup and recovery for Exchange and SharePoint Online, Teams, OneDrive and Azure Active Directory. You can reduce backup and recovery time using incremental-forever backups with synthetic-full backup capabilities.

The control you want

The control you want

You need a Microsoft 365 backup solution with comprehensive data protection capabilities that you can configure and manage on your own. You need more flexibility and control over how backup and restore is deployed and managed. With NetVault Plus, you control when and how often to run backup, and choose what you want to protect. You determine how long to keep Microsoft 365 backups and can store them where you want—in Azure, on another cloud like AWS or even on-premises. Best of all, you pick when, where and how to restore your Microsoft 365 data. With NetVault Plus, you can truly achieve a 3-2-1 backup strategy for data protection and disaster recovery.

Ransomware Protection and Recovery

Ransomware Protection and Recovery

NetVault Plus provides backup immutability such that backup data cannot be overwritten, changed, or deleted outside of the required retention settings. You also get data encryption for extra security.

Reduce Backup Storage Costs

Reduce Backup Storage Costs

With NetVault Plus' built-in global data deduplication, you can reduce your backup storage requirements and costs in Azure by 90% or more. You can even use low cost Azure Blob storage to further reduce costs.

Key features

Back up and restore user mailboxes from Exchange Online to any cloud, disk or tape-based storage target

Perform search and discovery of protected files and emails

Restore individual email and files

Restore emails to specific folders in Outlook

Back up and restore data from OneDrive user and group files and folders to any cloud, disk or tape-based storage target

Backup and Restore of SharePoint Online sites and sub-sites at a full site or granular level

Backup and Restore Azure Active Directory users, groups and service principals

Backup and restore of Teams full configuration and logic at a team level, as well as individual objects including files, members, channel conversations and more

Backup and restore of calendars, calendar groups and events

Ransomware protection and recovery provide data immutability to ensure that backup data cannot be overwritten, changed, or deleted outside of the required retention settings.

Reduce backup storage costs with global data deduplication

Single solution for Microsoft 365 along with all your other applications.

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