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Microsoft Platform Management 

When it comes to managing your Microsoft environment, next is here now. Your next merger or acquisition. Your next Microsoft 365 migration. The next Active Directory security threat. 

Quest is the only company with end-to-end solutions for your next migration or cybersecurity risk management challenges across any Microsoft platform, including Active Directory and Microsoft 365 workloads such as Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive for Business and Exchange.

No matter how complex and no matter where – on premises, cloud or hybrid – Quest is your go-to Microsoft partner to migrate faster, strengthen cyber security resilience and stay in control.

Quest: End-to-end support for tackling your next Microsoft challenge 02:21

From network outages caused by careless or malicious team members, to omnipresent ransomware attacks, to pervading regulatory compliance requirements, Quest can help you manage unpredictable costs, reduce cybersecurity risks, and avoid fines or reputational damage — even in the face of the new normal of the remote workforce.







Turn to Quest to solve your toughest Microsoft 365 challenges.

At Quest, we don’t make big promises, we fulfill them. With more than 35 years’ experience, 184 million AD accounts managed, 166 million accounts audited, 99 petabytes of SharePoint data managed, and 95 million accounts migrated, you can count on Quest for everything Microsoft. Move, manage and secure your most critical Microsoft platforms confidently with award-winning global support and services always at your side.

Cyber resilience
SaaS Microsoft management
Cyber Resilience

Cyberattacks, outages or disasters can bring your company’s productivity to a halt and inflict serious reputational damage. But at Quest, we can help you strengthen your cybersecurity risk management with solutions that identify, detect, defend against and recover from anything that endangers your Active Directory cyber resilience. From backing up Microsoft 365 to AD forest and operating system recovery, Quest solutions help you avoid data loss and maintain business continuity 24/7.

  • Identify attack paths, and prioritize remediation, to secure AD from every angle  
  • Automate critical Group Policy management to reduce risk 
  • Ensure complete AD disaster recovery at object, directory and OS levels

Avera Health

If we'd had a 90 percent success rate, that would have been good, but we achieved 99 percent! That is just outstanding and really hard to believe... It's almost mind-blowing.

Curtis Mavity Senior Systems Engineer, Avera Health Read Case Study


We have piece of mind, knowing that our global data is protected and safe with Recovery Manager for Active Directory, even though we haven't had to use it for a while.

Marc Denman Senior Systems Support Specialist, Amway Read Case Study

Large Retail Chain

Change Auditor object protection is a lifesaver. I have it set up to prevent changes to the ACLs on certain directories on our file servers, as well as to protect all administrative accounts. We've had pen testers come in and be very surprised that they could not get past the Change Auditor object protection.

Enterprise Administrator Large Retail Chain Read Case Study

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See how you can tackle tenant migrations and cybersecurity risk management from a single Azure-hosted dashboard.

Featured Products

Recovery Manager for Active Directory Disaster Recovery Edition

Complete AD disaster recovery at the object, directory and OS level across the entire forest

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On Demand Recovery

SaaS solution for fast, secure Azure AD and Office 365 backup and recovery.

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Change Auditor for Active Directory

Ensure security, compliance and control of AD and Azure AD.

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Change Auditor for Active Directory Queries

Solve migration and performance issues by analyzing Active Directory queries.

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Change Auditor for EMC

Audit all events related to file activity and permissions on your EMC NAS devices.

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Change Auditor for Logon Activity

Alert and report on AD logon and logoffs and Azure AD sign-in activity

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