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Data Protection

Protect - Recover - Optimize

Quest Data Protection provides all you need to Protect, Recover and Optimize your systems, applications and data.

Quest provides leading data protection solutions for backup and recovery, disaster recovery, ransomware protection, endpoint management and secondary storage management. This helps ensure your systems, applications and data are protected and quickly recoverable to minimize business disruption and the risk of data loss or damage.

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Quest data protection solutions are designed to help you safeguard your systems, applications and data, quickly recover from small- or large-scale data loss, and optimize your backups to reduce storage costs on-prem and in the cloud.

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Backup and Recovery

Say goodbye to long backup windows, slow recovery and high maintenance costs. Our scalable backup and recovery solutions cut backup windows from hours to minutes. Protect anything — systems, apps and data — anywhere, whether it’s physical, virtual and or in the cloud. Back up physical and virtual machines with either agent-based or agentless backup, for the best of both worlds.


Reduce backup storage costs in physical and virtual environments with cloud-connected storage, deduplication and replication supporting a wide range of backup software, storage devices, virtualization platforms and cloud service providers. Decrease the amount of storage needed by up to 20:1, shrink replication windows by 10-15x, and leverage the cloud for disaster recovery.
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Disaster Recovery

Quest disaster recovery solutions provide fast and secure replication for a 3-2-1 backup strategy where you have 3 copies of data stored on 2 different storage devices and 1 copy is stored offsite or in the cloud. You gain continuous data protection (CDP) and instant restore for demanding RTO and RPO goals.
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Ransomware Prevention

Ransomware attacks represent a significant danger to all organizations. Comprehensive backup and recovery software can help you restore the files that ransomware holds hostage but even backups are at risk. Quest data protection solutions can help protect against ransomware attacks on your backups, so you can recover data after an attack.
Virtualization Protection

Virtualization Protection

Quest's data protection solution protects virtualized environments with accelerated backup and instant recovery for systems and data. You will also significantly reduce backup and disaster recovery storage requirements and costs in the data center and in the cloud.
Microsoft 365 Data Protection

Microsoft 365 Data Protection

Microsoft may host Microsoft 365, but it doesn’t provide the comprehensive backup and restore abilities you need to meet your demanding business SLAs and compliance requirements for data retention. Our data protection solution delivers the protection you need, and lets you determine what to backup, how often, where to store backups, and choose what and where to recover.
Optimized Long-term Data Retention

Optimized Long-term Data Retention

Rotating tapes offsite is costly, time-consuming and risky. Quest has a better solution – safely replicate backups to cool or cold cloud object storage. Or you can use cloud-tiering and automatically migrate older or less frquently used data to low cost cloud storage. Our software-based replication and cloud-tiering solution supports most popular backup solutions along with public clouds like AWS, Azure, Google, Wasabi and IBM. It includes deduplication to reduce storage by up to 93%.
Unified Endpoint Management

Unified Endpoint Management

Protect enterprise data by tracking and managing every type of endpoint in your environment. Quest Unified Endpoint Management solutions help you fulfill all your endpoint and asset management needs and protect your data by securing your devices. Maintain a least privileged environment by automating user desktop management and enforcing security policies. Balance a secure environment with user productivity as you ensure comprehensive endpoint security for your hybrid workforce.



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